Jakki Hernandez has operated in many segments of the cannabis industry from journalism, manufacturing, baking, and sales to brand development and company management. She joined OCNORML as a patient looking for more information on how to use cannabis as medicine for her Neurofibromatosis type 1. A condition where tumors grow on and around the nervous system. As the Deputy Director of Orange County Norml, she uses her network to spread their mission and share their resources with those that need it most. Through the over 15 years of experience in the cannabis industry, she has never stopped advocating for patients and consumers. Her passion comes from her growing knowledge and hands-on connection to the industry and utilizing cannabis as medicine.

Recently, Jakki managed and was directly involved in the launch of the licensed cannabis retail space, Leaf and Lion in Long Beach. And was a key contributor in the brand launch of, Grandma Baker’s, a legacy brand from the Prop 215 days. Recently, Jakki has been sharing her knowledge and experience as a consultant for everyone from patients who need assistance to business owners who need direction, she even helps established brands with compliance assistance.

Jakki loves to help patients like herself find the best method of consumption and dose to fit their needs and is the first to educate those that may still judge a person by what is inside their medicine cabinet.