Robert Brown is proud to be a nurse and the first medical officer with OC NORML. He has been an activist for more than 30 years and nurse for 28 years. Early years as a nurse made being vocal about cannabis very tricky. But now as times have changed he is able to be more vocal about his role in educating the public on cannabis.

Robert wrote his senior report on marijuana in 1987 and has spent most of his life researching and collecting data on cannabis. He is an avid cannabis reader and has read most of the 25 books in his cannabis library and loves collecting signed copies by industry experts. Roberts loves archiving cannabis in the film industry and his cannabis movie collection numbers more than 55 and is always growing.

When Robert joined NORML in 2010 he felt it was a very liberating and a real “out of the closet” moment for him. He feels he was fortunate to find OC NORML when he volunteered at the first medical conference in Orange County back in 2011. He knew after the first meeting that OC NORML is a great group of folks and people he needed to be working with.

Robert comes from a family of many vocal cannabis activists. At one time we had three generations coming to the OC NORML meetings and events. His wife is also a nurse and while she does not partake in the use of THC she has found CBD topicals quite effective for her. She is also well educated and versed in the many uses of cannabis. He currently lives in Orange County and has three children and one grandchild.

Is that one ok or you want it more simplified or expanded? Being part of the “Interfaith community” or being a “Faith Community Nurse” trained through HOAG, Union Steward and I sit on the Labor Management Community. Ive taken the advance training to be a certified safety officer with the County.

Let me know if you need anything tweaked with this at all.