Alison Puleo became a cannabis advocate as a teenager when her mother was diagnosed with stage four melanoma cancer. She studied the plant throughout her college years while working towards a degree in chemistry and biochemistry. She became a holistic nutritionist and used cannabis in helping her mother and other cancer patients with their treatment. She is an avid gardener and began growing different cannabis strains for her family and also making extracts.

Alison formally entered the medical cannabis industry as a sales director for a Southern California cultivator and distributor. Working with cultivation, marketing, business development, and education allowed her to gain much experience and shed light on how to improve the industry. There, she was also able to build her community with businesses and consumers. Alison has had the ability to see the cannabis market from almost every side which has given her a platform to speak up for the reform of cannabis laws. She has a strong passion for helping new users, seniors, and medical patients. Her background in science has helped her bring new, innovative cannabis products to the California market to help users safely consume. She has also been able to attend many cannabis business-to-business events and community events, which she found a passion for hosting and attending.

Alison joined OC NORML in early 2019 when she saw an opportunity to be involved with other knowledgeable cannabis advocates and use her experience to become an activist. She is always striving to grow as an individual and lift others up which is why she works hard to better the cannabis industry. She believes that we always have room for improvement and that the cannabis community is made up of so many positive people who will fight to make the industry grow! Alison now serves as the director of events where she helps coordinate and plan events to bring our nonprofit exposure in the community and business side of the the market. She also plans fun, educational trips for our chapter where members and nonmembers are able to come together and learn and share their cannabis journeys. She looks forward to bringing our community together and planning many more events!